This is the story of my life as a Christian woman married to an unbeliever.  My early marriage was a disaster.  Ironically, when I stepped out to serve God my relationship with my husband deteriorated even further.

Here are some quotes from my book:

“As I continued to study God’s Word and apply it to my life, I came to a wonderful realization: I loved my husband.”

“While I was growing in my love for my husband and was hopeful that he would come to know Christ, he did not feel loved and was without hope for our marriage.”

“I thought we were doing pretty well as a couple; he obviously thought things were over between us.  I thought he knew that I loved him; he was thinking I wanted someone else.”

“How could I get out of the pit into which I had fallen? It seemed an impossibly long way up.”

This book is for:

  • Christian wives who want to show Christ to their unbelieving husbands “without a word” (I Peter 3:1-2)
  • Wives who wish to live in harmony with their unbelieving husbands
  • Women who want to live life to its fullest, in the power of the Holy Spirit, even if their husbands do not believe
  • Believers who wish to help other women, or who would like a refresher course in gracious living
  • Those who want to read about God’s amazing work in the human heart!

Dear Reader, learn from my mistakes!  God is waiting to rescue and empower you to live joyfully and confidently in your current circumstance.

Let Him have His way with you; it is totally worth it.